Our vehicle fleet management offers the following features and benefits:

Control Fuel Waste

Greatly reduce your fuel bills by controlling idling, speeding, aggressive driving, wasted mileage and after-hours usage.

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Stop Engine

You can stop your Car anywhere if your car is either robed or is used by unauthorized user

Real time alerts

This helps you to know when a vehicle reaches its destination, monitor speed and idling times, and detect after-hours usage — all in real time.

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Driver ID

Know who is driving your vehicles at all times, and verify the start and end times to supplement timesheets.

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Stop bad driving

Improve driving behavior by monitoring jackrabbit starts, speeding, harsh braking and bad habits in general.

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Find the closest driver to a destination. Reduce wasted time and fuel by optimizing travel routes.

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Map Reply

See a breadcrumb trail of a vehicle’s route on a map screen to identify areas of delay.

Truck Activity Reporting

Monitor all events in a single Truck Activity Report.

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Address Over speeding quickly to eliminate wasted fuel, decrease safety risks and reduce insurance premiums.

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Mobile Apps

Not always in the office? That’s not a problem with NetTrack Mobile for Android and Apple iOS.

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Payment Processing

Always know where your vehicles are and what they are doing — at any time.

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Business Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Software

Today’s top fleet management software products are powerful, versatile and agile enough to meet your needs as your business grows. We have scalable, effective fleet management software that will help you make the most out of your fleet as you seek to maximize your budget and improve efficiency and safety. Whether you run a fleet of tow trucks, utility trucks or service vehicles, you need to know that your vehicles are where they are supposed to be and your drivers are using those vehicles safely and efficiently. You also need tools to help maintain your vehicles well, so you can get the most long term use from your fleet. Our GPS fleet tracking software provides all of these benefits and more, helping you run an efficient, safe and effective fleet. Our robust GPS softwares are full-featured commercial fleet tracking software that provides concrete benefits to your business.

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