Freight and Transport

Vian ltd provides freight and transport solutions that are the cornerstones of our clients’ lean, green, efficient and sustainable supply chains. Our experience, expertise and resources in this area extend way beyond the fundamental business of getting products from A to B.

Supply Chain Distribution

Companies are increasingly faced with a growing demand to reduce their time-to-market, improve customer service and mitigate risk. All while reducing costs, increasing efficiency and optimizing profit. As a result, the supply chain has increasingly become the key to a company’s competitive edge. Vian Ltd is well positioned to assist clients in their endeavours to realise tangible business value through supply chain improvement and optimisation.

Why Choose Vian Logistics?

To retain high-level performance in an increasingly competitive environment, businesses have begun to rely more and more on logistics and supply chain management. Vian Group provides a total logistics system utilizing the latest technology to streamline the storage, management, movement and inventory of clients’ products.

We provide clean and secure warehouse facilities for the storage of products whilst awaiting delivery orders to have the goods sent to our users’ clients. We have a web-based ordering system convenient for clients to place orders online. Proof of delivery and all the required documents are scanned and uploaded for clients to view and print. Our efficient system is able to produce reports for clients to track stock listing, inventory, job history, transfers and distribution, stock adjustments and stock expiry if applicable. Reports can be emailed, printed or directly faxed from the system.

VG has the most versatile and modern transport fleet in the country and provides a range of heavy and specialized services that reflects the demands of a growing economy.

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