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We specialize in local transport, managing shunting operations from Port to ICDs and CFS to Port. Moreover, we offer reliable cross-border transportation services to destinations including Zambia, DRC, Malawi, Kenya, Burundi, and Rwanda.

What sets us apart is our meticulous approach to selecting and employing all our drivers and helpers. Each driver is equipped with advanced communication systems, ensuring real-time connectivity, while our dedicated patrol cars maintain continuous oversight, guaranteeing the systematic control of our vehicles’ movements.

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Our Services

Vian Group of Companies Limited is a versatile and dynamic transportation and logistics enterprise, offering a comprehensive spectrum of services. Our expertise encompasses clearing and forwarding, logistics and carrier solutions, import and export facilitation, and the provision of road hire and sea freight services. With our multifaceted approach, we’re your one-stop destination for seamless and efficient logistics support, both nationally and internationally.

Clearing and Forwarding

Our clearing and forwarding services streamline the customs clearance process, ensuring the efficient movement of goods across international borders. We handle the documentation and compliance aspects, simplifying trade operations.

Logistics and Carrier Solutions

Vian Group provides comprehensive logistics solutions, including warehousing, inventory management, and distribution. Whether you need to move goods within a city or across countries, we offer end-to-end logistical support.

Import and Export Facilitation

We specialize in facilitating import and export operations. Our expertise in navigating customs regulations and international trade practices ensures a smooth flow of goods across borders, promoting international trade.

Road Hire

Our road hire services offer a flexible and reliable means of transportation. Whether you need a single delivery or long-term transportation solutions, our well-maintained vehicles and experienced drivers are at your service.

Sea Freight

We manage sea freight services for businesses involved in international trade. Our expert team ensures that your cargo is handled efficiently, from booking and documentation to loading and unloading at the destination port.

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us a trusted partner for businesses with diverse logistics and trade needs.

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